• 2022-07-13

In recent years, in order to ensure food safety, in many food enterprises, the air shower room is arranged before entering the clean area. What exactly does the air shower do? What is it? How to do daily maintenance and management?
1. The air shower room can be divided into:
1) Single blow type
2) Double blow type
3) Three blow type
The air shower room can be divided into:
1) Color steel plate air shower room
2) Cold-rolled steel plate air shower
3) Stainless steel air shower room (SUS304)
2. What does the air shower room look like?
1. The air shower room is composed of several major components such as box body, stainless steel door, high-efficiency filter, blower, distribution box, and nozzle.
2. The bottom plate of the air shower is made of steel plate bending and welding, and the surface is milky white paint.
3. The box body is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, and the surface is electrostatically sprayed, which is beautiful and elegant. The inner bottom plate is made of stainless steel plate, which is wear-resistant and easy to clean.
4. The main material and external dimensions of the box can be customized according to customer requirements.
3. The use and management of air shower room?
Regarding the air shower room, the following should be noted:
1. Regarding the setting of the air shower time, we can refer to the regulations in the standard JG/T 296-2010:
For channel-type air showers, the minimum net length of passage should not be less than 6 meters, and each person should have at least 9s blowing time when passing through.
For the small room air shower, the blowing time of personnel in the air shower should not be less than 20s.
2. Regarding the length and quantity of the air shower room, a number of factors need to be considered to reduce the waiting time of personnel and the vacancy time of the air shower room:
When the number of people in the workshop is about 20, a single-person air shower can be used, so that more than 20 people can pass through in about 10 minutes.
When the number of people in the workshop is about 50-150, it must be considered in combination with the hand-washing and disinfection facilities in the workshop. Here we take 100 people, the total time of hand-washing and disinfection for a single person is 1min (15s for hand washing + 30s for soaking and sterilization + 15s for rinsing and drying) and the air shower time for 30s as an example.
When there are 8 handwashing places, the number of people who can enter the air shower room is 8 people per minute. At this time, the air shower room with 2 double seats can meet the demand, and it takes 12.5 minutes for all people to pass through; and when there are 10 air shower rooms When washing hands, the number of people who can enter the air shower room is 10 per minute. At this time, 2 three-person air shower rooms can be used (to reduce the waiting time of people), and it takes 10 minutes for all people to pass or 2 two-person air showers. In the air shower room (effective use of the air shower room), the passage time for all personnel is 12.5 minutes.
If the number of people in the workshop is more than 300, in addition to the small room type air shower room, we can also consider choosing the channel type air shower.
Here is a question for everyone to calculate. When the number of people in the workshop is 100, the air shower time is 30s, and the total time for hand washing and disinfection is 30s (15s for hand washing + 15s for hand-drying alcohol disinfection), there are 8 hand-washing positions and 10 hand-washing positions. What is the length and number of air showers required in this situation?
3. Regarding the wind speed of the air shower, it should meet the requirements of the following table:
4. After the power is turned on, the double doors are interlocked immediately.
You can only open one of the doors, you cannot force open two doors at the same time
, otherwise it will damage the double door interlock system. Enter the air shower room from the entrance door. After closing the entrance door, the blowing shower will start immediately; after the blowing shower is completed, the entrance door has been locked, and you can only open the door and walk out from the door. At this time, the entrance door cannot be forced open, otherwise the double-door interlock will be damaged. system.
5. Please do not place the high-speed dust source and earthquake source in the air shower room. Please do not use volatile oils, thinners, corrosive solvents, etc. to wipe the test box, so as not to damage the paint layer or cause discoloration.
The following places should not be used: low temperature, high temperature, high humidity, condensation, dust, and places with oily smoke and fog.
Fourth, how to maintain the air shower?
1. According to the actual use, regularly remove the filter material in the primary air filter for cleaning.
2. When it is found that the wind speed becomes smaller, you should first check whether the surface of the primary air filter is black. If it is black, it means that the pre-filter contains a lot of dust and the resistance increases, that is, the air filter in the primary air filter should be removed. The non-woven fabric is cleaned or replaced.
3. When the wind speed cannot be increased after replacing or cleaning the non-woven fabric, it means that the high-efficiency air filter has been blocked, causing the resistance to increase, and the high-efficiency air filter should be replaced.
4. When replacing the high-efficiency air filter, it is necessary to remove the spray ball plate, remove the high-efficiency filter, and replace the new high-efficiency air filter according to the specification and model of the original high-efficiency filter. When installing, confirm the arrow mark on the high-efficiency filter, and the arrow should point to the direction of airflow. And ensure a good seal to prevent leakage.
5. After the high-efficiency filter is replaced, it is necessary to confirm that there is no leakage in the frame, and use a dust particle counter to detect it properly. Only after reaching the technical indicators can it work normally.
6. Regularly repair the electrical circuit. If there is any fault, please refer to the electrical schematic diagram for maintenance.
7. Regularly maintain the door to align the electronic lock with its lock hole to prevent the lock pin from being stuck.

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