• 2022-07-13

Do you know about the primary air filter of the mother-son racks? The primary filter of the sub-frame is usually called the primary filter of the dragon skeleton, which is mainly used to filter dust particles above 5 μm. The outer frame materials of the primary filter of the mother and son frame mainly include aluminum profile frame, galvanized sheet frame, stainless steel outer frame, etc. The filter material includes non-woven fabric, nylon mesh, activated carbon filter material, metal mesh, aluminum rolling mesh, etc. .
1. Removable plate aluminum alloy frame, fixed with aluminum alloy angle or plastic right angle, the structure is firm and stable, and the filter will not be deformed or damaged in poor working environment;
2. The outer frame adopts a detachable design, which is convenient to replace the filter material to achieve the purpose of frame reuse;
3. The reinforcing ribs of the filter screen of the sub-mother frame further enhance the sturdiness of the filter, so that the small resistance can achieve a large dust holding capacity;
4. Non-woven fabric, polyester synthetic fiber, can be cleaned and reused many times, energy saving and environmental protection;
5. The fluffy and gradually dense fiber structure effectively prolongs the service life of the medium-efficiency filter at the back end.
6. The air volume is large, the resistance is small, the dust holding capacity is large, and it is easy to replace.
7. When replacing the filter, just replace the filter material. The frame and inner bracket can be reused, which greatly reduces the cost.
8. The maximum temperature is 80
9. Use the highest humidity of 100%
10. The efficiency of filtration is 40% - 90% 5μm
11. Optional thickness of aluminum profiles (mm): 46, 50, 69, 80, 90, 96
Pre-filtration of ventilation and air-conditioning systems in large buildings such as offices, conference rooms, hospitals, shopping malls, airports, general industrial plants or clean rooms. Primary filtration of central air conditioners and household air conditioners, special acid and alkali resistant ventilation filtration.​​
Whether it is a workshop or a clean room, because it can play the role of pre-filtration. Whether it is an office or a commercial environment such as a shopping mall, it is inseparable from the dragon skeleton filter
When people buy a dragon skeleton filter, they should first consider the specifications and composition materials. Different materials will have subtle differences. It is best to listen to the opinions of professionals. Secondly, we must pay attention to brand reputation. Products have a warranty period, and after-sales maintenance must be done in place to ensure product quality. It is also crucial to formulate and select appropriate clean air solutions. When you create a dust-free and clean production process environment , Welcome to Guangzhou Xincheng factory for inspection and consultation. Make your request and let us do the rest. Reasonable design scheme, good product quality and timely after-sales service will surely make you feel safe, worry-free and reliable in the cooperation with Xincheng Professional.

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