• 2022-07-19

FAN FILTER UNIT is a modular terminal air supply device with its own power and filtering function. Equipped with primary and high-efficiency two-stage filters, the top of the fan is filtered by primary and high-efficiency filters, and clean air is evenly sent out at a wind speed of 0.45 meters per second.
FFU is a type of unit used for filtering laminar air and supplying clean air.
FFU can be standalone or installed modularly.
FFU is the core element for making cleanroom products of different classes, including clean booth, clean bench and clean room
FFU is a laminar flow filter unit that can be installed and used independently or taking modularity.

1. What’s the advantages of FFU?
1). Extremely low operation consumes power and reduces costs.
2).built-in air duct diversion system, reduce noise and pressure loss, improve fan efficiency.
3). can easily match the various brands of T-GRID and HEPA, ULPA.
4).The fan filter unit fan adopts high efficiency centrifugal fan, which can provide high air volume and high static pressure conditions. The service life requirement is up to 50,000 hours.
5). suitable for use in cleanliness class Class 1-1000 class clean room.
6). especially suitable for assembly into ultra-clean production lines, can be arranged according to process needs for a single use, can also be more than one series to form 100 assembly line
7). Before the products leave the factory, they are all tested according to US Federal Standard 209E using dust particle counters to ensure quality.

 2.FFU’s Product Parameter

Model FFU-KLC920 FFU-KLC1175 FFU-KLC1225 Unit
Size 920×615×350 1175×575×350 1225×615×350 mm
plenum chamber materials Aluminized zinc plate/stainless steel. Aluminized zinc plate/stainless steel. Aluminized zinc plate/stainless steel.  
Air flow 800 1000 1200 m3/h
Average wind velocity 0.4/0.45/0.5 0.4/0.45/0.5 /0.4/0.45/0.5 m/s
Extemal static pressure 97(10mmAq) 97(10mmAq) 97(10mmAq) pa
Hepa filter size 915×610×69 1170×570×69 1220×610×69 mm
Efficiency 0.12um  99.99% 0.12um  99.99% 0.12um  99.99%  
Filter initial pressure loss 180Pa  0.45m/s 180Pa  0.45m/s 180Pa  0.45m/s  
Power 180Pa  0.45m/s 180Pa  0.45m/s 180Pa  0.45m/s  
Fan vibration coefficient 0.2-0.5mm/s 0.2-0.5mm/s 0.2-0.5mm/s  
Power dissipation 123 123 172 W
Weight 24 28 31 Kg
Noise 53 55 55 dB
Accept customization
 3.FFU’s parts

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