• 2022-08-06

Nomex Filter bag to produce the Nomex high temperature needle felt , it is the best filter material for high temperature fume / dust / ash, for steel plant, asphalt mixing, other metal industries .
The characteristics of nomex filter needle felt: High temperature (204~ 240 degree), anti -acid, anti-alkali, high filtration precision, blow speed, low pressure drop, anti -break, anti -abrasion, mostly applied in pitch mix gas, blast furnace gas in steel factory, tail gas of white char, kiln applications, electric cooker high temperature gas.
The normal specification of Nomex Filtration Felt :
400 gsm ,  450 gsm , 500 gsm , 550 gsm , 600 gsm , 
Threatment : PTFE coating, PTFE membrane, Water and oil repellemnt treatment .
Although we can tailor produce the size of Nomex Filter Bag for different Model of dust collector , there is normal size as following : 

Applied industry ( Bag Filter system ) Diameter (mm ) Length (mm)
Asphalt mixing Plant 130 2500
Metal smelting furnace 160 3000
Steel Mill ( sintering machine , blast furanmce ) 160 6000
Tobacco drying system 130 3600
Aluminum / leads  scrap melting furnace 160 3600

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