• 2022-06-10

For people,When the air quality is poor, you can wear a mask to prevent dust.For car engines,The air filter is its "mask".

What is a car air filter?

The air filter is located in the engine air intake system and is an assembly of one or several filter components that clean the air. Its main function is to filter out harmful impurities in the air that will enter the cylinder, so as to reduce the early wear of the cylinder, piston, piston ring, valve and valve seat.
The quality of the air filter is related to the life of the engine, and it is also closely related to the fuel consumption of the car. So when does the air filter need to be replaced?

Find problems and replace them in time

  1. If it is found that the engine is unstable, the engine has a dull sound when the accelerator pedal is continuously stepped on, the acceleration response is slow, the operation is weak, and the exhaust gas of the car is thick and black, then the air filter needs to be cleaned or replaced.
  1.  Check the surface color of the air filter element of the air filter. If the filter paper is still gray-black after cleaning the dust on the surface of the air filter element, it indicates that the filter element can no longer be used and should be replaced immediately.

Normal replacement cycle

The maintenance cycle of the car air filter is different in different environments. In general road conditions, the air filter should be cleaned and maintained every 5,000 kilometers

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