• 2022-06-02

With the continuous improvement of the level of science and technology, people's productivity is increasing day by day, and the mechanical equipment in the past can no longer keep up with the pace of the times, so today's product quality requirements are still very demanding. To meet such quality requirements, a clean and dust-free production environment is very important. A good environment is one of the basic prerequisites for production. Nowadays, the production of products in most industries must be carried out under sterile and dust-free conditions, which has also prompted the development of the industry of dust-free clean rate equipment.
A dust-free clean room refers to a room that can control the particulates, harmful air, bacteria and other pollutants in the air to a certain concentration within a certain space. The classification of cleanliness, where the larger the number, the lower the cleanliness. The clean room can also control the indoor temperature, indoor pressure, airflow velocity, airflow distribution, noise and vibration, lighting, static electricity, etc. So how does the clean room achieve dust-free treatment?
In fact, it all depends on its matching The purification equipment can be completed. Commonly used clean room filters are divided into primary efficiency Air filters, medium efficiency air filters and high efficiency filters.
So what are the requirements when we choose clean room equipment?
1. Safety: This is a basic requirement. The purchased equipment must have reliable safety. We must purchase the equipment from regular manufacturers and provide safety testing and certification by the manufacturer, otherwise it will not be considered.
2. Applicability: The selected purification equipment must meet the production needs. The environmental requirements required by the production of different industries are different, so the equipment will also be different.
3. Purification efficiency: Each type of equipment has its corresponding purification power, so when selecting equipment, appropriate purification equipment must be selected according to the size of the clean room.
Fourth, filter material: good filter material (such as high-efficiency air filter filter material) has the ability to absorb pollutants above 0.3 microns as high as 99.9% of Baifeng; if the indoor smoke and dust pollution is heavy, you can choose purification equipment with better dust removal effect. If the air is not circulating, you can choose a fresh air system with fresh air exhaust.
4. Service life: Purification equipment will have a decrease in purification efficiency with the increase of service life. Now there are many purification equipment with regeneration function on the market. This kind of equipment has a longer service life. Therefore, in the market When choosing, consider purchasing such products.
The above are some points to pay attention to when purchasing a clean room. Our Guangzhou Xincheng New Material Co., Ltd. has been specialized in the production and filtration for more than 10 years. The products are exported to the world, and the high-quality product quality has won the trust of customers all over the world. When we buy products, we must choose filter manufacturers with guaranteed quality, and don't buy fake and shoddy products because we are greedy for petty cheap. Our Xincheng company is your best choice. When the clean room equipment is not in use, we can properly maintain the equipment, which is beneficial to prolong the service life of the equipment.


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