• 2022-06-10

The outbreak of the new crown epidemic has brought new opportunities to the air purification market, which has been labelled as "depending on the sky" in the past. The air purification industry, which is in the trend of deep transformation, has been hit by the epidemic in stages, and the market has shown recovery or even a short-term outbreak. The epidemic has gradually been brought under control, and consumers have also passed the panic buying stage, and have begun to put forward higher requirements for air purification products, returning to the demand for product quality and healthy life. Then, in the outbreak of growth opportunities brought about by the epidemic, it is very important for companies to transform the crisis into new market momentum and promote new changes in the company and the entire market.

The industry shows signs of recovery, and health demand is in the spotlight
In early 2020, the sudden outbreak of the new crown epidemic made consumers pay attention to indoor air problems. Air purifiers and fresh air products are deeply loved by consumers, and the market scale is expanding. The data shows that since 2020, the online market sales of air purifiers have increased significantly, and the sales of air purifiers in the online market have increased year-on-year. There are various signs that the market is showing an upward trend, which is a good opportunity for new wind companies.
A healthy and comfortable home has a lot of room for future development. After the epidemic, users' attention to health has never been higher. Not only fresh air, air purifiers, water purifiers and other products will also become the focus of consumers' attention. Not only personal needs, but also the demand for air filters in public places such as hospitals, schools, and industrial sites will continue to rise.
It can be seen that under the influence of the new crown epidemic, the overall demand for air purification at home and abroad is picking up. With the gradual and effective control of the epidemic and the resumption of work and production in the industry, mainstream brands have begun to adjust product technology and sales layout in response to the current market demand. Our company hopes to seize this opportunity and work with colleagues to help the industry recover.

Leading the industry to break the situation and show the power of innovation
In fact, although the epidemic has brought development opportunities and enthusiasm to the air filter industry, the epidemic has had a considerable impact on the economy and market sales. In addition, the industry was cold a few years ago, and this year it is hot again. At a turning point, the air purification industry needs a professional and influential display platform to help the industry break through and demonstrate the innovation of China's air purification industry. The first half of the year is the domestic market, and the second half is the overseas market. Although there are many uncertainties in the future, our company's strategy around the healthy home and purification industry has not changed.

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