author: Tina
  • 2022-07-07

1. Applicable places for air filters:

(1) Places that are relatively closed or heavily polluted by second-hand smoke, etc.
(2) Newly renovated or newly renovated houses.
(3) There are places where patients with asthma, allergic rhinitis and hay fever live.
(4) Places where pets are kept.
(5) There are people with weak constitutions such as the elderly, children, pregnant women, etc. at home.

2. Applicable people of air filter
(1) Patients with respiratory diseases: As we all know, living in polluted air for a long time is very likely to cause a decline in respiratory function and cause various diseases, such as rhinitis, chronic bronchitis, asthma, emphysema and so on.
(2) Children: As we all know, children are still developing, their immune systems are relatively fragile, and they are vulnerable to various pollution hazards, resulting in a continuous decline in physical fitness, developmental delays, and may induce the occurrence of childhood asthma. intellectual development.
(3) Pregnant women: If pregnant women have serious indoor air pollution, they usually feel general discomfort, even dizziness, sweating, chest tightness and other adverse symptoms, which will also have a certain impact on the development of the fetus.
(4) Family decoration family: This refers to people who live in houses that have just been renovated, because the content of formaldehyde, benzene and other substances in the newly renovated indoor environment is very high, and long-term exposure may cause various respiratory diseases. and leukemia symptoms.
(5) The elderly: The physical functions of the elderly are showing a downward trend, so they are often plagued by various chronic diseases. If air pollution is added, the probability of inducing diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and cerebral hemorrhage is even higher. .
(6) Hospitals: Hospitals have always been the center of disease transmission, so poor air quality will accelerate the spread of diseases.
(7) Office family: As the name suggests, this refers to people who work in office buildings and live in such a constant temperature and airtight space for a long time. If the air quality is not good again, it will be even worse! Not only It will cause dizziness, chest tightness, fatigue, emotional ups and downs and other adverse symptoms, but also cause various diseases, and even cause cancer in severe cases.
(8) Driver: The space in the car is small, the oxygen is lacking, and it is accompanied by serious exhaust pollution from time to time.


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