• 2022-06-24

Air purification filter is a product engaged in air treatment and clean room, which can provide users with a clean space environment and improve the qualityof customers' products. It is widely used in dust-free workshops and
air supplysystems in dust-free spaces in electronics, medicine, food, cosmetics, laboratories, refrigeration equipment and other industries. Do you want to know the principle of air filter? There are five filtering methods of air
filter filtration principle, interception, inertia, diffusion, gravity and static electricity. Below we will introduce the five filtering methods for you in detail:

1. Intercept
The fibers are intricately arranged in the fiber layer, forming countless grids. When a particle of a certain size moves along the airflow streamline just closeto the fiber surface, if the distance from the streamline (also the
centerline of the particle) to the fiber surface is equal to or less than the particle radius, the particle will be intercepted on the fiber surface and When deposited, this effect is called interception effect, and the sieve effect belongs to the interceptioneffect.

2. Inertia
When the airflow passes through the fiber layer, due to the complex arrangement of the fibers, the airflow streamline has to turn violently many times. When the mass of the particles is large or the speed (which can be seen as
the speed of the airflow) is large, when the streamline turns, the particles cannot follow the streamline and bypass the fiber at the same time due to inertia, so they leave the streamline and approach the fiber, and collide with the fiber. Aftersedimentation, if the particles do not hit the fiber surface head-on but just hit the interception effect range due to inertia, the particles are intercepted by the interaction of these two effects due to the interception effect.

3. Diffusion
The Brownian motion of the particles is generated due to the collision of the thermal motion of the gas molecules with the particles, and the smaller the particles, the better the effect. At room temperature, it is several times to
dozens of times larger than the distance between fibers, which makes the particles have a greater chance to move to the fiber surface and deposit, while the particles greater than 0.3pm in Figure 3-3 diffusion effect a and diffusion interceptioneffect are Brownian. The motion is weakened, generally not enough to leave the streamline and collide with the fiber by Brownian motion.

4. Gravity
When the particles pass through the fiber layer, they are displaced from the streamline under the action of gravity, that is, they are deposited on the fibers due to gravity sedimentation. Since the time for the airflow to pass through thefiber filter, especially the filter paper filter is much less than 1s, for the particles with diameter less than 0.5pn, they have passed through the fiber layer before they settle into the fiber, so the gravity sedimentation can be
completely ignored.

5. Static electricity
For a variety of reasons, both fibers and particles may be charged, creating anelectrostatic effect that attracts the particles.

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